Circumpolar Wildland Fire

Circumpolar Coordination on Wildfire Prevention, Preparedness and Response


Improve the coordinated response by Arctic States and Permanent Participants in response to catastrophic wildland fires in the Arctic region, and to promote the possibility of international cooperation and contracting of wildland fire resources across State boundaries, as well as coordinate trainings between relevant agencies so that emergency prevention, preparedness and response to wildland fire is effective and contemporary.


  • continue to map and evaluate current wildland fire interagency agreements between the Arctic States, and evaluate other such instruments and agreements for best practices
  • evaluate current and potential models for host nation support protocols
  • joint workshop with CAFF's Arctic Fire project

As millions of acres burn in the Arctic, creating a common language around wildfire management is key

Record-setting wildfire seasons are becoming a new normal in the Arctic. While uncontrolled wildfires are devastating, could fire also be a tool for biodiversity and miti...
07 Sep 2020
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